Soft launch of pengpos Facebook page

If we talked about inoover initial plan, we have never wanted to be a software development company. We have always wanted to create our own technology products to solve problems, which are happening in Cambodian society. Sadly, my cofounder and I are not from rich families who have money to start doing whatever we want in order to help solving those issues. We start to do everything from scratch. We did not have any capital to run any project that we want.

Yet, this financial issue has never stopped us from pursuing our dream. We decided to use our skill in order to develop software for clients because doing so allows us to earn profit and then we can save it to implement prospective project that we want. In addition to that we can fulfil one of our missions, which is to bring Cambodian SMEs to have online presence where their clients can search and reach them easily.

Today, I would like to announce that we launch our marketing campaign for our prospective project that we have been planning to implement for a year ago. Our project’s name is “pengpos”. To know what it is, please like our Facebook page and subscribe your email here to get the latest information about pengpos. Are you excited to see what’s interesting is coming soon?

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